2020 Forecast Shows Continued Home Appreciation.

David Collins
David Collins
Published on December 31, 2019

Hello Central Ridger’s and HAPPY NEW YEAR! As we move into 2020 there are a lot of questions on what is going to happen to our housing market. As I have mentioned numerous times on my Post Card, (Look for a new design with lots of new information coming to your mailboxes early next week.) The Central Ridge is tied to the National Housing Market since a big percentage of our buyers  come from other markets. We don’t have a big employer here that is the barometer of our market, it is Active Adults coming down to enjoy the BEST LIFESTYLE IN FLORIDA…….   

With that being said, below is a chart that is showing that the National Pundits still think there is growth in the National Market which will assist us here on The Ridge. The even better news is that our big feeder market, the tri=state New York Area is dark blue.

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