Dress Your House for Success

These cosmetic touches will prepare your home for a faster sale and higher sales price. Please Click Here for an article on why you should not do wholesale remodeling projects to sell your home.

Pressure clean outside of house.                    Do necessary painting.

Clean or replace carpeting.                              Polish furniture

Wash windows and screens                              Replace rotten wood

Cut grass and edge walkways                            Trim shrubs

Plant flowers in front of house along with mulch

Move pets & pet items outside                           Clean pool

Do all minor repairs                                              Remove clutter from closets

Remove clutter from counters                            Clean floors

Clean outside gutters                                              Clean mini blinds

Windex mirrors                                                         Clean light fixtures

Caulk tubs and sinks in bathrooms                      Remove cobwebs

Insure stoppers hold water in tubs and sinks    Clean top of refrigerator

Clean all appliances inside and out                        Hang new shower curtains

Clean laundry room                                                     Clean AC vents

Clean AC filters                                                               New front door mat

Replace panes under 4 eyes of range top and insure that vent fan & light work. Also, clean oven.

Remove all dishes from kitchen sink                         Clean garage

Remove excess furniture and personal items

Remove posters from walls/ceilings

Put “Kilz” on water spots on ceiling and repaint

Have garage sale before listing home

Clean attic and put down flooring if possible

Replace worn out door handles and dead bolt locks

Replace all burned out light bulbs

Put out “green grow” fertilizer a week before listing

Spray all ant mounds in yard

Fix leaky faucets, loose door knobs, stuck drawers and warped cabinet doors