Closing Check List

By: David Collins Professional Real Estate Professional

The following is a check list for you from contract to close.

______ ACCEPTED OFFER  This is an exciting time in the process. You are on your way to moving.

______ INSPECTION PERIOD  This is explained in detail below but there is a 15 day inspection period where the buyer will have inspections done. As mentioned below, there are usually 3 inspections done which is the general home inspection, WDO inspection, and septic. (If you have one.) All inspections are scheduled through me. You will be aware of everyone coming to your home.


______ Start on Agreed Upon Repairs. They take longer than expected.

______ APPRAISAL  If the buyer of your home is taking out a mortgage, there will be an appraisal done on your home by a licensed appraiser. Again, this will be scheduled through me and you will be aware of this person coming to your home.

______ LOAN TIME  After the inspections and approved appraisal, the bank works on the loan and gets it ready for closing. At this time, there is not much going on with the closing but you will be packing and moving to your new destination.

______ UTILITIES, INSURANCE and MAIL  You will need to contact all your utilities, insurance company and the post office that you will be leaving on your closing date and to turn off the utilities at midnight of the day you are closing. The buyer needs to have the utilities on in your name for the walk through.

______ FINAL WALK THROUGH This is done either the evening before or the morning of closing. You will need to have all your belongings and home in clean condition the night before closing. The buyers are making sure that everything is there that was agreed upon to be left behind, all  were done as agreed upon, and the home is in the same condition as it was when it went to contract. Including your shrubs and lawn. You will need to keep your utilities on through this process.

______ KEYS and GARAGE DOOR OPENERS Please leave all keys and garage door openers on the counter. The buyer’s realtor will use the lock box to enter home for final walk through and make arrangements to give keys to buyer after the closing.

______ CLOSING  Yeah, you have made it….. I will schedule with you a closing time to meet with the Title Company to sign your paperwork. PLEASE BRING ALL PARTY’S DRIVERS LICENSE AND ACCOUNT INFORMATION TO WHERE YOU WANT MONEY WIRED. Please be advised, if your home is in a trust, your account MUST have the trust name on it to be able to wire funds.