Why Does Laurel Ridge Rock?

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Laurel Ridge Rocks

Conveniences within minutes without the hustle and bustle. Plus value that is incredible.

Why does Laurel Ridge Rock? First off, if you are looking for a quaint community with nice sized lots but not over bearing on the maintenance front, Laurel Ridge is a great choice. But there is more! Laurel Ridge has exquisite views of the golf course along with a community swimming pool, club house, shuffle board courts and more. You are 3 minutes to most major conveniences and 12 minutes to 2 hospitals. In between there is plenty of shopping and specialist for all your needs.

More importantly, the incredible value you will find on well built homes. Laurel Ridge offers homes ranging in the low to mid 100’s. The square footage for these homes is between 1,200 to 2,000 square feet. When you put pencil to paper, you are looking at roughly $85.00 a square foot pricing. The question begs, where you are going to find homes that are this new, in a great neighborhood, with a nice amenities package, this close to everything including the coast for this price point. Now, I realize that the first thing that jumps into your mind is if it is to good to be true, it probably isn’t. Well, Laurel Ridge is an exemption because there is no major highway that runs through Citrus County and so we don’t get the exposure that other areas do. Bottom line, less demand, better value.

If you are looking for a bit more land, check out Pine Ridge Homes or Citrus Hills.


Every Activity Under the Sun is Available to You at Laurel Ridge

Fitness, dining, bicycling, fishing, boating and a whole host of other activities await you.

But of course there is more on why Laurel Ridge rocks! You are equal distant to two major bodies of water. To the east you have over 25,000 acres of fresh water lakes and rivers while to the west you have numerous spring fed rivers, the world famous Kings Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico. You are in the middle of The Water Lover’s Florida. Regardless if you want to watch the sunset from Fort Island Trail, stroll the board walk at Three Sisters Spring, deep sea fish in the Gulf of Mexico, fish for record bass, or dive with the manatees, Laurel Ridge is the right spot.

Water might not be your passion but cruising or riding might. Laurel Ridge has numerous opportunities for you to join others that enjoy your passion but the real good news is that there is very little traffic so you are able to enjoy your passion without a lot of interference.

Maybe cycling is your passion? Within minutes of Laurel Ridge there is the Withlacoochee 46 Mile paved bike path that has been voted one of the best in the State of Florida. It winds through Citrus County going through the towns of Inverness and Floral City.

There is Even More to Do.....

You Are Within 70 Minutes of Why 70 Million Tourist Come to Florida.

Another reason Laurel Ridge Rocks is because you are within 70 minutes of why 70 million come to Florida annually. With a hop skip and a jump, you can be at the theme parks in Orlando or at the beaches in Tampa. World class shopping awaits in both destinations along with numerous cultural and sporting events but the good news is that you are away from the hustle and bustle of the major city centers. You are also 30 minutes away to Ocala that have every big box shopping option available along with the Padock mall. There are plenty of restaurants close by but the choices quadruple when you include Ocala.

Talking about cultural events, there are numerous juried art shows that take place within 45 minutes of Laurel Ridge along with numerous music festivals. We celebrate winter as being our summer here in this area of the state by enjoying these great festivals. There is also a performing arts center in both Orlando and Tampa that bring in quality Broadway shows throughout the year.

If sports interest you, there is every major sports league represented in either Orlando with the NBA’s Orlando Magic or Tampa with the NFL’s Buccaneers, MLB’s Tampa Bay Rays, NHL’s Eastern Conference Champion Lighting along with the University of Florida Gators north in Gainesville so you have plenty of options. Even if you don’t root for the home teams, your team will be coming to town soon enough. Laurel Ridge is also very close to numerous sports bars so you are able to enjoy your home team with others that share your passion.

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