Living In Sugarmill Woods Rocks!

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Sugarmill Woods, it Rocks......

Close enough to all the conveniences but quiet beyond belief. With every home backing up to a green belt and away from all the hustle and bustle you can live a great lifestyle but close enough to anything you ever need.

There are too many reasons living in Sugarmill Woods rocks to write about here but I am going to give you the best ones and you will have to come down to visit to experience the rest. First and foremost, Sugarmill Woods is tucked away in an area that is buffeted on most sides by protected lands, rivers, and the Gulf of Mexico allowing it to be an oasis in the third most populated state. As the other areas of Florida are bursting at the seams, there is a place that has stayed peaceful, but the good news is that even though Sugarmill Woods is in a quiet area you are so close to every big box store, great restaurants, and Tampa International.

Another reason Sugarmill Woods rocks is because inside the community, the developer created every lot with a green belt behind each home so you will never have neighbors in your back yard but the greatest attribute is that makes for such a peaceful and relaxing for each home. The bigger question is how many developments at this price point have such a feature? (Yes, SMW is definitely one of the best values in the State and I will touch on this a bit later) The second you go outside on your first home preview, you will see exactly what I am talking about.

There is more…… Sugarmill Woods boosts 45 holes of golf, dining facilities, a tennis and fitness club, along with a pool. The good news is that it is not mandatory to belong to the country club and there is a separate membership for the fitness, dining and pool in case you are not a golfer and the even better news is that the dues are very fair for the quality of the facilities. (Again, another example of the incredible value) With that being said, if you are a golfer, World Woods, which you are probably familiar with is right down the street and offers a Florida Resident Card that allows you to play the only two five star golf courses in the state for a very fair price. All in all, if you are looking for a country club experience for the right price, you will be hard pressed to find a better spot than Sugarmill Woods.

I have been hinting at the incredible value and now it is time to explain what I mean. Most resales in Sugarmill Woods range between $170,000 – $350,000 with square footage between 1,800 to 3,500 along with a pool and a lanai. When you put pencil to paper, square footage pricing is between $80.00 to $100.00 depending on the condition of the home. Even new homes are priced right at roughly $105.00 per square foot but not includes your lot or a pool. When you include everything, you are looking at $125.00 per square foot. Tell me where you can find a highly amenitized community with a green belt on every lot, close to every convenience you will need, for these prices? Bottom line, you should put Sugarmill Woods on your must see list.

SIDE DISCUSSION- Every buyer that comes into contact with me always asks about foreclosures and short sales. Please see my blog on the subject. Also, there is a feeling more and more that you can do most of the work yourself, why? As a buyer, my expert services are complimentary. Please see my blog on this.



Is Water Your Passion?

Regardless of your water passion, you are minutes away from it and that is why they call us the “Water Lovers Florida.”

When you think of Florida, you think of the water. Most planned communities are a far distance from the water but not Sugarmill Woods which is only three miles from the Gulf of Mexico and has two incredible rivers that you can enjoy within minutes from your door. Living in SMW will satisfy any water passion you have. With that being said, there are numerous marinas that you are able to store your boat or you if you plan to store it in your garage there are numerous boat ramps within minutes of your front door. Maybe you don’t plan to own a boat but that won’t stop you from enjoying the water. There are plenty of spots to rent kayaks or canoes along with plenty of restaurants on the water where you can enjoy a beautiful Florida day on the water. I will also mention that Citrus County is the only place in the state of Florida where you are able to swim with the Manatees. I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention that one of the coolest things I have ever seen is when the dolphin come and swim with you on the Chassahowitzka River, especially if you are in a canoe or kayak.

Regardless of your water passion, you are minutes away from it and that is why they call us the “Water Lovers Florida.”

How Far Are The Conveniences?

That is the question and Sugarmill has the goods........

Another major consideration when choosing a home in Florida is how far are the conveniences? How far is shopping? How far is the health care, hospitals? How far is the airport? With that being said, a lot of planned communities boast that they are a stone’s throw away from everything but the problem is that the congestion is usually intolerable for 6 months a year around these communities. Sugarmill Woods is so unique in the fact that everything from healthcare, restaurants, and big box stores are within 12 to 15 minutes while Tampa International is a 40 minute drive. (Grocery stores, drug stores, and your other day to day needs are right around the corner)

I will also mention that it is becoming a major issue in most areas of Florida in the fact that 20% of my business is coming from couples that are moving from other areas of the state to get away from the hustle and bustle. Yes, it is nice to have everything at your fingertips but it comes with a price. I will mention that don’t be fooled by when you come to an area on vacation, you don’t notice the traffic as much because of many reasons but primarily that you have your happy blinders on. My best suggestion is to ask your friends that live here about the congestion. It will open your eyes. Here is an article from 2002 mentioning the congestion and it has gotten a whole lot worse. Also, we are one of the fastest growing states with roughly 1,000 people moving here daily. I can promise you that Sugarmill Woods is one of the best spots in the state when it comes to convenience/congestion balance.

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