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Citrus Hills

Why Does It Rock?

There are plenty of reasons but here are a few to give you a better idea why you should put Citrus Hills on your must see list. First off, it is located in one of the most unique areas in the state of Florida in the fact that it is anywhere between 100 to 250 feet above sea level but it is only 15 minutes to the Gulf of Mexico. Yes, you have the best of both worlds, high and dry. (Wait to you see the comparisons on flood insurance versus other areas of the state as close to the water.)

Because of it hills, ala Citrus Hills, it is just prettier than other areas but the developer and neighbors take great pride in keeping the area pristine, it has matured into a fantastic spot to call home. As you drive through the community and the surrounding area, you feel like you are up north with the vistas but the good news is that you can sell all things cold and snowy at your garage sale because you will not be needing them. (The nature coast has a great weather story also, click here for an in-depth look)

As I have said numerous times, when you are walking along at around 6:00 PM on a winters evening (Yes, it gets dark early in Florida but the weather is fabulous) and you see the sun setting over the hills, you might not find a more beautiful place in the state of Florida.

View Right Before Sunset

Minutes Later

When you move to Florida, you want to have fun and Citrus Hills is FUN….. Regardless of your hobby or lifestyle, it is here for you to enjoy. Want to join a club and socialize? It is available. Your hobby involves being on the water? They don’t call this area, “The Water Lovers Florida” for nothing. Yes, anything you enjoy to do on the water is available and a lot less cumbersome versus other areas of the state. Did I mention that the World Fishing Network named Crystal River the best fishing town in the country? (You can imagine how great the fishing is here)

CLICK HERE and I will send you the best deals in Citrus Hills. Don’t Delay… The Best Deals Go Quickly….. Just a quick FYI- Citrus Hills is affiliated with Terra Vista Realty but not Pine Ridge Homes but regardless of your tastes, there is something for everyone here in Citrus County.

Do you like to play golf? Citrus Hills has 4 golf courses plus there are numerous other public access golf courses within 15 minutes. There is also the only 5 star facility, World Woods within 20 minutes and Black Diamond Ranch which is one of the state’s top private facility’s right around the corner from Citrus Hills and has nonresident memberships available.

Is bicycling your passion? If so, there is the 47 Mile Withlacoochee Bike Trail that has a trail head right down the street from the main entrance to Citrus Hills and you do not have ride on any roads to get there. If you so choose, you can Most of the trail is tree lined so it offers an excellent experience day in and day out.

Is riding or cruising your passion? If so, the roads around Citrus Hills are quiet so it is an incredible place to ride or cruise. The other cool thing is that since it is a very popular spot for riding or cruising, there are a lot of spots to stop for lunch and a soda. More importantly, there are a lot of clubs and social events that are intertwined with riding and cruising so you will have a lot of FUN and meet a lot of cool people.

Is hiking, birding, or photography your passion? Citrus Hills is located in an area called the Nature Coast and as you probably already guessed, the area is teaming with numerous opportunities to enjoy your outdoor passions but more importantly, I want to mention the quality of the opportunities is second to none in the state of Florida. Seeing is believing and when you see it for yourself, you will agree on what I am talking about.

Incredible Amenities

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Are you looking for the country club lifestyle? Citrus Hills amenity package is second to none. Leading the way is the 45,000 square foot Bella Vita Spa and Fitness Center with every state of the art machine known to mankind. There are four golf courses, three restaurants, two tennis centers, four pools including the indoor pool at Bella Vita, along with an Activity Center that is always hoppin with activities including high quality entertainment during the season. There is also the new Tiki Bar that is a bunch of fun especially when there is live entertainment. I can go on and on but I am sure you can see from the picture of the Bella Vita that the amenity package is world class but the residents are even more fun and that is why you need to definitely come and visit Citrus Hills.

I’m saving some of the best attributes for last and one of them is no traffic and no hassles but you are close to the water, have all the day in and day out necessities within minutes including health care, and you are within 70 minutes of why 70 million people come to the state of Florida a year to visit. That means you are a stones throw away from Orlando with her theme parks and world class shopping. You are 70 minutes away from Tampa and her world class beaches, professional football, baseball, and Gasperillo. As you probably have guessed, both Tampa and Orlando offer numerous other entertainment options such as Broadway Across America Shows along with numerous concerts. But the good news is that you do not live in the hustle and bustle of these metro areas but they are close enough to enjoy their perks. Because we are out away from these major metro areas, we have much lower crime rate, very little traffic and low taxes.

PS- When you come and visit, there are numerous other choices including Terra Vista and Pine Ridge Homes.


As you can see, the convenience and lifestyle you will be enjoying in Citrus Hills is second to none but I am sure you are wondering what is the cost of admission? When you compare it to any other planned communities, you will see that your dollar goes along ways. Especially in the fact that most of the homes are at least a half acre and are on either The Meadows or The Oaks golf course. The question begs, how many people do you know that have a home in Florida on a golf course with a half acre lot that is under $250,000? When answering this question, make sure you take into account all the other lifestyle amenities and the quality of the area. (Low crime rate, very little traffic, and low taxes) And these are not bank owned or run down properties.

Another important aspect when you are looking at costs is homeowners insurance and because Citrus Hills is on a ridge, your flood insurance rider on your homeowners insurance is much less expensive versus other areas of the state. Another reason to come visit and most importantly, I can help you with no cost to you.

Bottom Line…. Citrus Hills is an incredible community and the second you arrive, you will see the incredible beauty and the incredible value!

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5 Great Sports Bars

Lollygaggers– You’re Favorite Team Done Right….

Nortons– Great wings and friendly

Citrus Hills Tiki Hut- Awesome TV’s and Great Atmosphere.

Coaches– Neil the Mayor Makes it Great

Break Room Billiards– Pool, Sports, and Cold Beer


As we speak, there is a lull in the action with sales. There are a lot of lookers but not a lot of buyers. This tells me two things. Number one, there are a lot of folks just starting the process and plan to make their purchase later in the spring or summer. (65% of the homes are sold within a 4 month period of April, May, June, July) Or number two, their expectations are not in line with what is available today. Maybe they have been in the market for a while and are a bit disappointed that the price has went up.

Here is the deal, if you are truly in the market for a new home and you are in the first camp of not wanting to do anything until later, you need to rethink your strategy. I have seen it for three years now, where there is a lot of looky lou activity proceeded by a buying frenzy. I can tell you by first hand experience that sellers are always frustrated and will be more willing to take a little less at this time than their expectations but not crazy. Case in point, I have had numerous ridiculous offers and my sellers have tried to meet them at a fair price and the buyers have not come up. What is going to happen is as soon as the spring selling season hits, these sellers will get their prices and the low ball buyers will have to come up where as if they were reasonable now, they would have a paid a few thousand less for the home. Bottom line, the sooner you can come to the table with a fair offer, the better chance that you will get a better deal on your home.

Now if you are in camp two, and you are frustrated and feel like you missed an opportunity, you need to rethink your expectation level. I can go on and on but unless there is a national economic issue, the prices are going to stay the same or rise a tad. With that being said, our area is definitely in a time warp but as we move forward, there is going to be more and more people finding us that were looking in other areas of the state, which will increase demand. Bottom line, Florida overall is a hot market because of our low cost of living and weather and Citrus Hills mirrors this. Prices will not be falling so you need to come to terms and make a move.

I am Sure You Can See Why You Should Come Visit!

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