The Millennials Are Coming

David Collins
David Collins
Published on December 12, 2019

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Very Happy Holiday Season.   

OK, the title of this blog is a little misleading because I do not see an uptick of Millennials moving to the Central Ridge BUT as I have mentioned in numerous other articles, they are vitally important to our market. Why? Because when they buy starter homes it starts the domino effect up north that allows the active adult prospects to come here and purchase. (In a nut shell, here how it works. Millennials purchase a starter home, the displaced family purchases a middle home, the middle home family purchases the active adult’s home and they come down to the Central Ridge and purchase YOUR home.)    

As you can see, the more Millennial’s purchase homes versus renting creates more demand, the more demand with very little supply creates home appreciation throughout all markets. The graph below illustrates that we are seeing an uptick of the Millennials purchasing homes which is a good sign for the health of our market.    

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I will add one more point concerning the Millennials. Even though we do not see a lot of them purchasing homes on the Central Ridge, don’t be surprised if that doesn’t change. Call me crazy but the same reasons that you all move here is why they might start down. I know you are saying, David, they need jobs and there are not many good ones here and you are 100% correct BUT a lot of jobs now allow their employees to work out of their homes. Ohhhh that changes everything. Now these Millennials can live anywhere and why not here. The same reasons apply. I’m just saying……    

Again, Happy Holidays and if I can help answering your questions over the Holidays, give me a call. 352-422-5297   

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