Buyers Are Out in Full Force This Fall

David Collins
David Collins
Published on November 15, 2019

By: David Collins Professional Realtor

As I have mentioned in past posts, I am focusing more on national trends here and how they affect us here on the Central Ridge. As most of you know, the real estate market in most of the country is a spring/summertime activity because of parents wanting to start their children in a different school on the first day vs later in the year. Are there homes sold throughout the year in every market, of course but most popular time is spring/summer. The Central Ridge mirrors up north. We are busiest in spring/summer. A lot of our buyers that come from the north must sell their home before moving here and of course that happens during the spring and summer.

The reason I mention this is because we are seeing the usual slowdown here because of the fall/winter. Yes, the snow birds are in town but a lot of them are starting the process and are not able to make a purchase until they sell up north. With this being said, there is a little up tick in the market nationally and here in Citrus County. Not a crazy up tick but noticeable. Yes, you still need to professionally market your home and price it within the range to be successful. The good news is there is more activity this fall then there has been in the past. Here

Buyers are out in full force this fall, increasing the demand for homebuying in all four regions of the country.

According to the latest ShowingTime Showing Index,

“Home showing activity was up
again nationwide with a 4.6 percent rise in traffic, as the traditionally slow
fall season began with a marked boost in buyer interest.”

Buyers clearly have the right idea, as
mortgage rates have dropped over a full percentage point since the
fall of 2018. They’ve hovered in a historically low range since this summer,
making the overall cost of homeownership significantly more
attractive and affordable.

Here’s the breakdown of how ShowingTime reports current buyer traffic
patterns across the country:

“The West Region,
which until August had experienced 18 consecutive months of flagging home buyer
traffic, lead the four regions in year-over-year improvement with an 8.9
percent increase in buyer activity.

The South followed with a 6.4 percent increase, the largest such
improvement in the region since April 2018, with the 
Northeast Region’s 5.6
percent increase the next largest among the four regions.

The Midwest’s more modest 0.8 percent year-over-year growth rounded out the nation’s promising month.”

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